We Have A Good Thing Bowling

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“A new study of seniors age 75 or older found that participants who were active physically, mentally, and socially were most likely to live past age 90.” via Alfa’s blog – Exercise, Leisure Activities & Social Connections Linked to Longevity

We at AmeriCare GA believe in promoting an active senior life for our clients. One of the current trends we are seeing for active seniors is Nintendo’s Wii Bowling. Not only is it an effective way for seniors to exercise, but they are having fun and interacting socially as well. Researchers out of San Diego, California have said there are studies proving that depression in seniors lessens with the use of the Wii.

Nintendo’s Wii Bowling is a great activity for seniors because it can be played standing up, sitting down, or even in a wheelchair. Moving the Wii-mote focuses on hand-eye coordination, and helps on strengthening and stretching muscles without damaging muscles or joints. Plus it is a fun activity for when family or friends come to visit, for everyone to get involved in.

Now let’s take basic Wii Bowling a step further.  Dennis Berkholtz is the founder of the National Senior League which “brings independent senior living communities, CCRC’s, assisted living communities, rehab centers, nursing homes, affordable housing communities and senior centers from across the country together for fun and competition.” (www.nslgames.org) The NSL is a national competition league for Wii Bowling and was started in 2009.

The NSL offers, for a small fee, to set up as many teams created of 4-6 people to bowl against senior teams throughout the United States. This is all done via the internet. Dennis sets up the schedules for teams to play against each other, and posts them on the NSL website. The teams then have the chance to bowl from Monday through Thursday at any time that is convenient for the players, and then post their scores by 9 pm Thursday night. On Friday morning both teams will see how they stacked up against each other. Teams never have to travel to have fun!

Dennis places teams into divisions based on abilities. These teams can compete casually, or they can compete to be a part of a State, Regional, or National Championship. If competing competitively, teams can expect to play for up to 10 weeks. Otherwise, for causal competitors, you can expect to bowl for 6-7 weeks.

If this sounds like fun for seniors in your community, we recommend you check out the National Senior League website at: www.nslgames.com. You can contact Dennis via phone at 435-714-9491, or email at dennis@nslgames.com . If you get a chance, ask Dennis about the time he played in the 1972 Munich Olympics for the USA Handball team, and then came back for the Olympics in 1976 as the USA Handball coach. 

AmeriCare GA can’t wait to hear about all of the Atlanta Wii Bowling teams!





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